My Story

My name is Anne-Marie and I currently live in Düsseldorf Germany. 

I first heard about Scentsy through my Fianće Nicki (Director of Down Under & to the Right Scentsy team) who loves it and has had great success with it travelling for free and working from home in Australia, and now living with me in Germany. 

I currently work Full Time in the Aviation industry but my BIG GOAL is to move back to Australia in the very near future, buy a cute little house that we both can make our home and just love life!

With our Scentsy business we know now that is possible. The flexibility it gives both of us working from home, or just hanging with friends, selling a brilliant product and creating our own fun team together is everything I never knew was possible. 


Here's how you can help: 

You can purchase through my site and have your order shipped direct to your door

You can buy Scentsy through my site if you live in Germany, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Luxemborg, Poland and France. (click on the little flag top right corner to change language).

You can JOIN me by clicking on JOIN and investing in your OWN SCENTSY BUSINESS! You can join me WHEREVER YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD! ($99us, $119cad, $1,799mxn, £85uk, €99eur)

You can SHARE MY STORY & WEBSITE ( to others who would love their house to smell great or extra money each month to help pay off their bills, save up for a holiday (come visit me in Australia!) or just want to breathe easier knowing they have savings in their bank. 

Thank you so much for helping, for sharing the adventure with me, for being part of my BIG GOAL!